A few words about us

AIVFTP famously Known as PUNE’s PHOTO FAIR is an exciting opportunity to celebrate not only the best in India but also the emerging market and talent the world of photography has to offer. Started from Pune in 2015 and strongly growing after then.

From The Success Story of AIVFTP

We successfully completed our previous edition with record breaking footfall.

  • New launches, latest technology Equipments were the salient features of our show.

  • Premium, ViP photographers, workshops, fashion show strategy benefited our exhibitors and visitors both

  • We will keep our strategical moves also in near future for the development of the industry.

  • Top brands yet again have trusted our show as a great potential for the display of their latest and unique products.

  • AIVFTP has now emerged to be a very important platform for photographers, videographer and industry enthusiasts for buying new products.


Cpt. Sumeet Arvind Jain

It's a start to many beginnings about to come

We are pleased to welcome you all to celebrate photography. Professionaly speaking I belong to Aviaion industry. Being a commercial pilot I worked for Lion Air Indonesia for 3 years. But it's the passion for photography that brought me back to the grounds and encouraged me to do something revolutionary in my motherland, India.