Perfect Platform for Success of Your Business

AIVFTP is ready for a much bigger Trade Fair this year. You can find the exact Group of target Professionals and Imaging Industry Businessman, from throughout Maharashtra and Neighboring States.

A lot of unexplored and new group of interested photo and videographers who are looking for your Product. Establish and create a business hold in Maharashtra and nearby states, cultivate good business contacts. Don’t hesitate, be sure to use this platform as the basis for the success of your Business


Join leading businesses who'll be using AIVFTP as a launchpad Connect with customers from the throughout Maharashtra & Neighbouring states. Sell directly to thousands of photographers, trade buyers and keen imaging enthusiasts.

Access high net worth individuals, many of whom are the early adopters of the latest technology. Tap into a booming market of wealthy enthusiasts and professionals, and grow your business.

Sectors represented at AIVFTP include

A well-supported press and marketing campaign will target professionals and buyers including.

  • Albums
  • Cameras (medium/large-format)
  • Digital cameras/consumables
  • Film
  • Image enlargers
  • Imaging educations institutes
  • Printers and scanners
  • Publishing
  • Lighting and studio equipment
  • Mini labs
  • Mobile imaging
  • Online photo services
  • Online photo storage and retrieval
  • Optics
  • Software solutions for imaging
  • Specialist trade suppliers
  • Photo finishing chemicals
  • Photo kiosks and retail printing solutions
  • Photo lab equipment
  • Photo lifestyle products and services
  • Photo management solutions
  • Photographic and printing paper
  • Studio accessories
  • Videography